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Hypothetical Protein Annotation Homework 8

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Hypothetical Protein Annotation Homework 8

icarus July 9, 2024

Use the multiple sequence alignment from the 2 sets of proteins listed below to perform Simple Phylogeny on each set individually then answer the following questions:

Set 1: 6ZYH (from PDB), XP_029940127.1, XP_012729972.2, BAE31621.1, KAI3361807.1, KAF7657079.1, CAG12424.1, KAG9354521.1, and TRY57158.1

Set 2: 4GR2 (from PDB), KAA3478177.1, KAJ4867205.1, XP_021819675.1, KAE7995360.1, RXH99430.1, KAG1668955.1, KAI3847768.1, and GBF88083.1