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Cell Biology Assingnment 1

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Cell Biology Assingnment 1

icarus July 9, 2024

Article Summary Project Part 1

Point values:  

Summary – 16 points

Grammar and spelling – 2 points

References – 2 points

Total: 20 points


For reference page, format page and references per current APA format using the citation generator here (scroll down for page format example):



Writing a summary about the article provided (  

  1. Here are some ideas that will help you write your summary:
    1. This section should include an introductory paragraph that gives a brief introduction/explanation of the topic of your article.  This should be your first paragraph.
    2. For the article summary itself:
  • Summarize the overall article in several paragraphs.
  • What did they find/discover? 
  • Then include a summary paragraph that may include the following:
  • How does this apply to humans?  Will it benefit/help?
  • How does it affect other species (plants/animals)?
  • Other interesting facts/info?
  • Summarize in your own words… check with the plagiarism info provided with your syllabus or ask me.
  1. This section must be at least 2 typed pages (APA style; 12 point font).

You must provide a Reference page presented in the correct format.