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Zero To Hero Generative AI - Become A Master

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  1. Lecture 1 : How To Install Python, Setup Virtual Environment VENV, Set Default Python System Path & Install Git
  2. Lecture 3 : Zero to Hero ControlNet Tutorial: Stable Diffusion Web UI Extension | Complete Feature Guide
  3. Lecture 4 : How To Find Best Stable Diffusion Generated Images By Using DeepFace AI - DreamBooth / LoRA Training
  4. Lecture 5 : Generate Studio Quality Realistic Photos By Kohya LoRA Stable Diffusion Training - Full Tutorial
  5. Lecture 6 : The END of Photography - Use AI to Make Your Own Studio Photos, FREE Via DreamBooth Training
  6. Lecture 7 : How To Use Stable Diffusion X-Large (SDXL) On Google Colab For Free
  7. Lecture 8 : Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) Locally On Your PC - 8GB VRAM - Easy Tutorial With Automatic Installer
  8. Lecture 9 : Ultimate RunPod Tutorial For Stable Diffusion - Automatic1111 - Data Transfers, Extensions, CivitAI
  9. Lecture 10 : How To Use SDXL On RunPod Tutorial. Auto Installer & Refiner & Amazing Native Diffusers Based Gradio
  10. Lecture 11 : ComfyUI Tutorial - How to Install ComfyUI on Windows, RunPod & Google Colab | Stable Diffusion SDXL
  11. Lecture 12 : First Ever SDXL Training With Kohya LoRA - Stable Diffusion XL Training Will Replace Older Models
  12. Lecture 13 : How To Use SDXL in Automatic1111 Web UI - SD Web UI vs ComfyUI - Easy Local Install Tutorial / Guide
  13. Lecture 14 : Mind-Blowing Deepfake Tutorial: Turn Anyone into Your Favorite Movie Star! PC & Google Colab - roop
  14. Lecture 15 : How to use Stable Diffusion X-Large (SDXL) with Automatic1111 Web UI on RunPod - Easy Tutorial
  15. Lecture 16 : Become A Master Of SDXL Training With Kohya SS LoRAs - Combine Power Of Automatic1111 & SDXL LoRAs
  16. Lecture 17 : How To Do SDXL LoRA Training On RunPod With Kohya SS GUI Trainer & Use LoRAs With Automatic1111 UI
  17. Lecture 18 : How to Do SDXL Training For FREE with Kohya LoRA - Kaggle - NO GPU Required - Pwns Google Colab
  18. Lecture 19 : How Use Stable Diffusion, SDXL, ControlNet, LoRAs For FREE Without A GPU On Kaggle Like Google Colab
  19. Lecture 20 : Turn Videos Into Animation With Just 1 Click - ReRender A Video Tutorial
  20. Lecture 21 : Turn Videos Into Animation / 3D Just 1 Click - ReRender A Video Tutorial - Installer For RunPod
  21. Lecture 22 : Double Your Stable Diffusion Inference Speed with RTX Acceleration TensorRT: A Comprehensive Guide
  22. Lecture 23 : How to Install & Run TensorRT on RunPod, Unix, Linux for 2x Faster Stable Diffusion Inference Speed
  23. Lecture 24 : SOTA Image PreProcessing Scripts For Stable Diffusion Training - Auto Subject Crop & Face Focus
  24. Lecture 25 : Fooocus Stable Diffusion Web UI - Use SDXL Like You Are Using Midjourney - Easy To Use High Quality
  25. Lecture 26 : How To Do Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) DreamBooth Training For Free - Utilizing Kaggle - Easy Tutorial
  26. Lecture 2 : Essential AI Tools and Libraries: A Guide to Python, Git, C++ Compile Tools, FFmpeg, CUDA, PyTorch
  27. Lecture 27 : Essential AI Tools and Libraries: A Guide to Python, Git, C++ Compile Tools, FFmpeg, CUDA, PyTorch
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Lecture 3 : Zero to Hero ControlNet Tutorial: Stable Diffusion Web UI Extension | Complete Feature Guide

icarus November 10, 2023

[ic-youtube id=”” ]

I show how to install Automatic1111 Web UI & ControlNet extension installation from scratch in this video. Moreover I show how to make amazing QR codes and inpainting and out painting of ControlNet which are very similar to Photoshop generative fill and Midjourney zoom out. Furthermore, I explain and show what are Canny, Depth, Normal, OpenPose, MLSD, Lineart, SoftEdge, Scribble, Seg, Shuffle, Tile, Inpaint, IP2P, Reference, T2IA features of ControlNet.

Source GitHub Readme File ⤵️

Our Discord server ⤵️

Auto Install Scripts (windows) ⤵️

Auto Install Scripts (runpod) ⤵️

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0:00 Introduction to most advanced zero to hero ControlNet tutorial
2:55 How to install Stable Diffusion Automatic1111 Web UI from scratch
5:05 How to see extensions of files like .bat
6:15 Where to find command line arguments of Automatic1111 and what are they
6:46 How to run Stable Diffusion and ControlNet on a weak GPU
7:37 Where to put downloaded Stable Diffusion model files
8:29 How to give different folder path as the model path – you can store models on another drive
9:15 How to start using Stable Diffusion via Automatic1111 Web UI
10:00 Command line interface freezing behaviour
10:13 How to improve image generation of Stable Diffusion with better VAE file
11:39 Default VAE vs best VAE comparison
11:50 How to set quick shortcuts for VAE and Clip Skip for Automatic1111 Web UI
12:30 How to upgrade xFormers to the latest version in Automatic1111
13:40 What is xFormers and other optimizers
14:26 How to install ControlNet extension of Automatic1111 Web UI
18:00 How to download ControlNet models
19:40 How to use custom Stable Diffusion models with Automatic1111 Web UI
21:24 How to update ControlNet extension to the latest version
22:53 Set this true, allow other scripts to control ControlNet extension
24:37 How to make amazing QR code images with ControlNet
30:59 Best settings for QR code image generation
31:44 What is Depth ControlNet option and how to use it
33:28 Depth_leres++ of ControlNet
34:15 Depth_zoe of ControlNet
34:22 Official information of Depth maps
34:49 ControlNet Normal map
35:34 Normal Midas map
36:05 Official information of Normal maps
34:49 ControlNet Canny model
37:42 Official information of Canny
37:55 ControlNet MLSD straight lines model
39:08 Official information of MLSD straight lines
39:18 ControlNet Scribble model
40:28 How to use your own scribble images and turn them into amazing artworks
40:45 When to select none in pre-processor section
41:20 My prompt is more important
41:36 ControlNet is more important
42:01 Official information of Scribble
42:11 ControlNet Softedge model
43:12 Official information of SoftEdge
43:22 ControlNet Segmentation (Seg) model
43:55 How to modify your prompt to properly utilize segmentation
44:10 Association of prompt with segments the ControlNet finds
44:41 How to turn your wall into a painting with ControlNet
45:33 Why I selected none preprocessor
43:06 Official information of segmentation (Seg)
46:16 Open pose module of ControlNet
46:40 How to install and use OpenPose editor
50:58 Official information of OpenPose
51:08 ControlNet Lineart model
51:36 Preprocessor preview bug
54:21 Real lineart into amazing art example
56:34 How to generate amazing logo images by using Lineart of ControlNet
58:16 Difference between just resize, crop and resize, and resize and fill
59:02 ControlNet Shuffle model
1:00:50 Official information of Shuffle
1:02:36 What is multi-ControlNet and how to use it
1:04:05 Instruct pix2pix of ControlNet
1:06:00 Inpainting feature of ControlNet
1:07:49 ControlNet inpainting vs Automatic1111 inpainting
1:07:59 How to get true power of inpainting of ControlNet (hint: with tiling)
1:09:00 How to upscale and add details to the images with inpainting + tiling
1:09:30 The tile color fix + sharp to obtain even better results
1:10:35 Tile color fix + sharp vs old tile resample result comparison
1:11:20 How to use generative fill feature of Photoshop in ControlNet to remove objects
1:12:58 How to outpaint (zoom out feature of midjourney 5.2) image with ControlNet
1:14:17 The logic of outpainting
1:14:40 How to continue outpainting easily
1:16:06 Tiling of ControlNet – ultimate game changer for upscaling
1:17:19 How to turn your image into a fully stylized image with tiling without training
1:20:57 Reference only feature of ControlNet
1:22:29 Official information of Reference mode
1:22:39 Style Transfer (T2IA) of ControlNet
1:26:54 How to install and use ControlNet on RunPod