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Write Better…Right Now! P3

Alright everyone…now that you got through the mountain of information in Part II, in Write Better...Right Now! (Part 3) we’re going to focus on making your writing really stand out.  You’ve used techniques to make your writing more interesting, and now we will build on what you’ve learned through those exploratory processes and technical issues from the last two sections and combine them to craft more varied and compelling content.


In this section, you will construct a Persuasive Essay, putting together all of the elements of writing you’ve learned to create an effective piece of writing that presents a solid argument about a topic.  This type of writing is essential to schoolwork, the workplace, or any other arena where you have to state your thoughts in a concise, organized way to argue for a position…a raise at your job, for example.

We end Part III exploring ways to avoid “writer’s block,” and discuss even more ways to open up your imagination and never feel trapped in your thoughts when writing for school, work, or pleasure. 

See you there…

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