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Write Better…Right Now! P2

  Hi, I’m back.  Nice to see you working through the course!  Part II gets to the nuts and bolts of writing.  In Part 2 of the Write Better…Right Now! Course series, we will learn about subject-verb agreement, types of clauses, writing mechanics, and colon and comma use. 
icarus · July 29, 2022

Now that you’ve opened up your creativity and have a good idea of structure, you can begin to focus on grammatical and punctuation issues that you may encounter with your writing.

Nothing screams “unprofessional” as loudly as bad writing, whether it’s structure, content, grammar, punctuation, or whatever. You want your writing to be error-free and well stated, and not marred by incorrect comma usage, faulty sentence structure, or illogical connections.

This section pinpoints lots of common areas where people make mistakes in their writing.  Even if you learn a few new rules about punctuation and grammar in this section, you will most likely be way ahead of most people in your writing abilities.  So let’s jump in…Let’s make YOUR writing even better…

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