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Write Better…Right Now! P1

This is the first part of the Write Better...Right Now! course series. Throughout this course, you will discover writing techniques, strategies, and tips to significantly improve your writing abilities. In Part 1 of this series, we focus on creative techniques to help you generate ideas about any kind of topic you wish to write about. We also take you step-by-step through the essay-writing process to give you a firm structural foundation that will equip you for any type of writing.


This course is designed to help you formulate ideas and expand, organize, and present those thoughts in a well-crafted, compelling piece of writing. Essay writing is the basis of all good writing, and as the paragraph serves as the model foundation of any essay, learning how to craft an effective introductory paragraph and expand on those ideas to formulate several supporting paragraphs and a concluding paragraph in essay form will give you organizational skills that you can adapt to any kind writing. As it says here, we will focus on creative techniques, mechanics of structure, and three types of essay forms in this crash course to give you a solid writing foundation, and also include some pointers on the rules of writing that not only will greatly improve your writing ability, but also give you the confidence to write content for any medium — like a Pro!

Who knows…you may even fire your copywriter and take over the writing duties at your organization yourself! Well? Ready to jump in? Let’s make you a GREAT writer…NOW!

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