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You’ve Come to the End! (For now…)

I have a few more things I want to leave you with. Six of them, actually.

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2. Don’t forget about the
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3. Information on eDegrees & Badges:
You will get an auto-generated certificate from Udemy after you complete this class, BUT, you can also get a certificate from me for completing all the classes in a series. This certificate consists of 4 “badges.”

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4. What should you take next? If you are hungry for more, there is a path that I’ve put together for all my courses. It will guide you on the best course to take next. You can watch a video walk-through of that, here.

5. I wrote a book! A real-life book. It’s called Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers, and it is a great reference to use along with my music theory courses. It’s also a great desk reference to keep handy while you are applying some of what you’ve learned in your own music.

You can get a print copy here!
Or, you can get a PDF copy (for only $15!) here.

Music Theory for Electronic Musicians Book

Thanks for reading to the bottom! You get a gold star.

Keep being awesome!

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