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Discover How to Build a Unicorn

This masterclass will teach you a better way to build a unicorn and also explain why Expert DOJO is so important to your journey.  In this 1-lesson-masterclass, we discuss the definition of a unicorn and what it takes to be considered a unicorn. We also discuss how the Venture Capital system is stacked against startups. You will also learn about Expert Dojo’s qualifications and services for startups. I will give you a roadmap for achieving unicorn status in seven years by following the following steps:
  1. Targets - How many activities you need to do today to achieve the meetings, prospects, and sales that get you within that 7-10 years for building a unicorn brand? You need a specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time orientated plan.
  2. Product Score - Your customers need to love your products. One of the biggest mistakes startup make is that they do not ask customers on a daily basis how they can improve.
  3. Messaging - What does your product do for them compared to the other options out on the market? How do you build an incredible “why” for your products?
  4. Awareness - How to make sure you have the right social score and are visible on the outside.
  5. Trust - Trust as a sales weapon.
  6. Influence - Are people finding out about your personal mission? You are the voice for your company. 7
  7. Media Score - How visible are you in the world? What kind of public relations do you have? Only when you do all of these can you now focus on your sales score. Sales is your digital outreach. There is only phenomenal sales execution built on a strong foundation. We will teach you the different ways to carry out outreach.

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