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Corporate Self-Care and Wellness Solutions Masterclass

The Corporate Self-Care and Wellness Solutions Course will help employees:
  1. Reduce sickness and illness
  2. Improve overall happiness in life
  3. Reduce burnout at work
  4. Improve the quality of life
  5. Improve overall creativity and productivity
  6. Understand and apply practical pain relief and wellness techniques

This course will help corporate employees decrease work absenteeism and work-related injuries, improve productivity, and reduce burnout.


Z. Altug is a board-certified doctor of physical therapy. He has 32 years of clinical experience in treating musculoskeletal conditions. Z uses integrative and lifestyle medicine strategies in physical therapy (physiotherapy) to help his patients and clients recover and heal. He is the author of Integrative Healing (2018).

In 2023, Z. Altug will publish the Lifestyle Medicine Toolbox book with Jessica Kingsley Publishers (London).

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