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Build a Mercenary Team to Raise Your Next Funding Round Faster

Dive into the dynamic world of outbound sales with our course, "Mastering Outbound Sales: Building a Mercenary Team for Startup Success". This course, led by renowned outbound strategist Bryan Ravit, is designed for entrepreneurs, startup founders, and sales professionals eager to revolutionize their approach to outbound sales.


Who Should Enroll:

  • Startup founders and entrepreneurs looking to boost their outbound sales strategies.
  • Sales professionals seeking to enhance their skills in aggressive market capture.
  • Business development managers aiming to build and lead effective sales teams.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Outbound Sales: Understanding the essentials of outbound sales and its significance for startups.
  2. The Expert Dojo Approach: Insights from the speaker’s experience at Expert Dojo and lessons on aggressive sales tactics.
  3. Building a Mercenary Team: Strategies for assembling a dedicated sales team capable of conquering any market.
  4. Effective Cold Calling: Techniques and best practices for successful cold calling (covered in a separate session).
  5. Real-World Scenarios: Learn how to generate significant revenue in any new environment.
  6. Interactive Learning: Engage in practical exercises to develop your outbound sales skills.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of outbound sales for venture-backed startups.
  • Learn how to build and lead a high-performing sales team.
  • Develop skills for effective cold calling and customer engagement.
  • Gain insights into creating a sales strategy that adapts to various markets and environments.

Course Format:

  • Duration: Comprehensive sessions with a focus on practical, real-world skills.
  • Teaching Methods: A blend of lectures, interactive discussions, and hands-on exercises.
  • Homework and Research: Assignments to reinforce learning and apply concepts to your industry.

Why This Course?

This course offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, essential for anyone looking to excel in the competitive world of outbound sales. Through engaging content and expert guidance, you’ll be equipped to transform your approach to sales and lead your team to success

Get Ready to Excel:

Embrace this learning opportunity to revolutionize your sales strategy and build a team that’s not just ready but eager to conquer the market. Enroll now and start your journey to becoming a master of outbound sales!

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