The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was founded in 1925. The number of students is about 70,000 in 35 Schools that cover the full range of scientific disciplines – some of them unique in Greece. The School of Electrical Engineering was established in 1972. About 1400 undergraduate and 80 postgraduate students are enrolled in the school.

Founded in 1959, California Lutheran University is home to more than 3,059 undergraduate and 1,324 graduate students who come from more than 49 countries and represent a wide variety of faiths. Our dedicated, accomplished faculty works with small classes of students who are open-minded—about ideas, about people, and about faith—and are seeking to grow as individuals. Both in the classroom and outside of it, everyone at Cal Lutheran is committed to helping each student pursue their passions to discover their purpose, and follow that purpose to transform their community—and the world.

The University of Deusto is a Spanish private university owned by the Society of Jesus, with campuses in Bilbao and San Sebastián, and the Deusto Business School branch in Madrid. The University of Deusto is the oldest private university in Spain, having been founded in 1886. Beyond individual projects and research which is co-ordinated from chairs such as Law and the Human Genome, Leisure and Disabilities, there is a clear option for the social topics of interdependency, distribution of resources, migration, human rights, development, poverty and environment, ethics and society at the university. Studies on cultural identity (individual and collective), and European integration processes are being carried out by various international research groups.

The longest-standing experts in EU public affairs. For over 35 years, we at EIPA have been leading learning and development programmes in EU public affairs, and our expertise is built on a unique blend of the following: - Specially designed learning activities, often including case studies and simulation games, which facilitate interaction and help you apply the acquired knowledge at a practical level. - Our strong ties and network with the European Commission and other institutions, that help us to provide you with essential insights on the latest EU policy information. - Active roles of Member States representatives in our Board of Governors that enable us to help you learn from the best practices and current trends from all over Europe.

ENKI aims to express the ideas of companies and professionals around the world to move beyond local and conceptual boundaries, by creating high quality user-friendly software, delivering unique graphic designs, and defining exact technical communication messages. We innovate and develop new software that serve real needs. We translate abstract ideas into concrete software solutions that assist in increasing efficiency, productivity and profits. With our unique graphic designs, we rid the environment from cheap mass designs and visual pollution by forming meaningful aesthetic creations all around us. We decode convoluted texts and expert jargon into meaningful clear user-centric texts that get you in direct touch with the reader

Hasten Ventures is a private firm specialised in building new businesses based on science and technology. Hasten brings the knowledge and networks of contacts generated in years of experience in launching and managing new businesses. Having learned in large firms, Hasten’s partners worked for top international companies and started their own companies too. Hasten’s scope is pan European, working with institutions, research organizations, investors, start-ups and corporations in making good businesses happen.

INNOLAB Bilbao Is an innovation platform that connects businesses and technology in order to look for digital solutions to current business and social challenges. Our platform is specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

OMNI NANO envisions future generations of students who are educated in and passionate about nanotechnology. We believe that by learning nanotechnology as early as high school, our students will be better prepared for their professional careers in the globalized, high-tech economy of the 21st century. Investing in STEM education today will result in a skilled workforce tomorrow, who will ultimately make significant contributions to the health and prosperity of the world. We are committed to making an excellent nanotechnology education available to every high school and college student nationwide. 

Università Cattolica is the most important Catholic University in Europe and the only Italian University to boast an impressive national network with five Campuses in Milan, Piacenza, Cremona, Brescia and Rome. UCSC is are esteemed for its academic excellence, integrated in the European tradition as a place of cultural formation, able to contemplate and interpret the complexity of the society in which we live: a mission that translates into an educational syllabus focused on the formation of the person as a whole. In the last 100 years UCSC has shaped a significant quota of Italy's establishment: eminent representatives of institutions, politics and law, academics and intellectuals, entrepreneurs and managers, teachers and professionals, bishops, journalists, publishers and writers. Plus, many others, known and less known, who have helped to promote the prestigious reputation of Università Cattolica in Europe and around the world.

Apogee operates beyond national borders with offices in Thessaloniki, Luxembourg, Brussels and Barcelona. Developing on the latest technologies, we aim at creating new ideas and solutions capable of answering the actual needs of European institutes and agencies, international organisations, public institutions and private companies. All of our products and services are customized and individually adapted to create value-added for our customers. Our international recognition is ensured by our continuing evolution, high level of responsibility, integrity and creative thinking. Apogee is committed to success by transforming challenges to solutions.