What Skills You Can Learn to Improve Your Daily Lives

08 September 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the desire amongst the public to have accessible forms of distance learning. The development of online educational platforms has helped to bridge the gap left when physical educational institutions were forced to close their doors in order to slow down the spread of the highly contagious virus. Online education platforms have not only helped educators to facilitate distance learning, but they have also made learning in general easier for people who do not have the time or money to attend a physical school. With online learning platforms, it is easier now than in any time in history to learn a new skill or improve upon your skill if you are rusty. Many online learning platforms offer free course options as well as monthly or yearly subscription packages that give users access to more personalized options. Many of these courses can give credits towards a degree or certification. Users also get access to content created by experts in the field.

Resume and Cover Letter Building

Whether you are a recent graduate or someone looking to change careers, being able to write a good resume and cover letter is a critical skill to have in order to get the job you want. A sharp and well-written resume and cover letter can mean the difference between getting rejected and getting your resume at the top of the pile. Taking an online course in how to build a winning resume/cover letter can help you to build a resume that highlights your skills and that will pique the interest of perspective employers. Coursera offers a 13-hour resume writing course hosted by the University of Maryland College Park that can be taken using their online platform.

Microsoft Excel

Learning Excel and other Microsoft Office Suite of tools is essential for anyone looking to improve their computer software skills. Most business utilize the Microsoft Suite in data collection and analysis, so having at least a strong fundamental knowledge of how these tools work and how to use them for data analysis is crucial to have in order to work with data. There are many free excel courses and video tutorials that one can find using platforms like Chandoo.org or YouTube. You can also pay a monthly subscription to services like Coursera in order to earn a certificate in Excel.


Learning a New Language

There are many benefits to learning a new language. As human beings increasingly become global, knowing more than one language can help us to become better communicators in business and in everyday life. Learning a new language can also help you to improve your memory and cognitive functions as well as connect with different kinds of people. Online language learning platforms such as Duolingo gamify the language learning process as well as provide users with microlearning lessons. This allows language learning to be fun and fit into anyone’s schedule. HelloTalk offers a variety of language learning options, including the ability to practice a new language with native speakers, helping users to improve their language and even make new connection no matter where in the world they are.