21 December 2020

The rise of Artificial Intelligence has been the cause for great concern for many workers, as studies have predicted that AI technology could replace up to 14% of the global work force by the year 2030. And many technologists have warned of the impending “AI Apocalypse”. But the advanced AI technology does not necessarily mean that we will be replaced by robots. And in many ways advancements in AI technology will help human beings to be more creative and more productive in our work.

We have already begun to integrate Artificial intelligence into our everyday lives. Many of us with smart devices have access to AI-powered digital assistants that help us with everyday tasks such as making our schedules, ordering food, and taking notes. AI can free up our time from repetitive tasks that take away from the creative process. With more time in the day and our brains liberated from time-consuming tasks we can invest our time in creative ventures and are much more likely to be more innovative.