14 October 2021 | How to Market Your Courses and Write Engaging E-Learning Content

As E-learning has become more popular, a countless number of companies have created platforms for users to access online courses where they can learn new skills. In an increasingly crowded market, it can be hard to stand out. Knowing the type of audience that you want to engage with and knowing how to reach them can help you to create a marketing strategy that is effective.

30 September 2021 | E-Learning and EdTech Market Forecast

With the prevalence of COVID-19 causing a rising need for digital services, it is important that we take a look at the ways in which the pandemic has caused shifts and changes in the E-learning and EdTech market.

22 September 2021 | Learning Types and the Theory of Multiple Intelligences

As we learn more about the human brain and how it works, we have discovered that human beings have a variety of ways in which they learn and retain knowledge. Knowing how one learns best can help educators to design educational programs and courses tailored to an individual’s learning style, which in turn can increase the likelihood that that learner will retain the information that they are taught and improve their skills. 

08 September 2021 | What Skills You Can Learn to Improve Your Daily Lives

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the desire amongst the public to have accessible forms of distance learning. The development of online educational platforms has helped to bridge the gap left when physical educational institutions were forced to close their doors in order to slow down the spread of the highly contagious virus. 

19 August 2021 | Interesting Online Learning Programs

Taking an online course can be a great way to improve your skills or learn something entirely new from the convenience of your home. With so many online learning programs to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect program just for you.

12 August 2021 | The Craziest Predictions for E-learning

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for virtual alternatives to in person. As a result of the pandemic, it is likely that many jobs will become permanently remote. Because of this, many workplaces are revamping their training programs to suite a mostly remote workforce. As of 2021 around 98% of all companies now have some form of remote training available for employees. With the need for Learning Management Software (LWS), there are some interesting trends emerging in the field of e-learning.

02 August 2021 | Machine Learning in everyday applications

Machine Learning has been around for decades and is already used in a variety of applications such as spam filters, speech recognition and self-driving cars. It is defined as a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that specifically deals with algorithms that can learn by themselves. It is estimated that today, 80% of all organizations use Machine Learning in some capacity even if that is not directly evident to the end user.

22 July 2021 | E-Learning Market Assessment

E-learning involves the use of electronic or digital mediums for educational and/or training purposes.

21 June 2021 | History of E-learning

E-learning refers to any type of learning or training conducted through an electronic medium such as a computer or phone. Before the advent to the internet and the computer, there were rudimentary forms of distance learning that were popular amongst educations during the 19th century. 

07 June 2021 | The Future of E-Learning and EdTech

The coronavirus pandemic has no doubt change our society a great deal. For students and educators, the pandemic has meant turning to digital platforms to facilitate learning and training. It is likely that E-Learning and EdTech will continue to evolve as our need for the technology to facilitate traditional learning. The pandemic has changed the field of education in general and e-learning and EdTech in specific. We will likely see more hybridized classrooms in the future and an increased demand for reliable internet to support digital services, particularly when it comes to education.

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